Outbreaks of Disease

Absolute Bio-Recovery Service (ABRS) understands that an outbreak of disease can occur in a variety of environments, many of these you frequent every day including schools, farms and places of work. Anytime people come together in close quarters and large groups there is an increased risk of catching a virus. Typically, the viruses that are passed around between people are minor. For example, the common cold or flu bug that seems spread around an office once or twice a year. However, when more serious diseases contaminate a location, you may need professional help to fully disinfect the property. That’s where ABRS can help.

ABRS has the experience and resources required to mitigate serious diseases like bird flu, HTV, HIV, H1N1, CDAD, Norwalk, and other pandemic outbreaks.

Locations We Provide Disinfectant Services

Public Schools: Schools are the ideal environment for diseases to spread. So many students coming from a variety of homes makes for a nearly limitless opportunities for exposure to various diseases.


Agriculture:  Farms are also susceptible to outbreaks. Specifically areas such as bars or storage facilities can be potential problem areas if large numbers of livestock are held together without proper clean up. We are trained to deal with communicable diseases that are passed through feces, water, or simply exposure to another animal carrying a virus.


Businesses: Similar to schools, workplaces like offices or industrial facilities can also becoming breeding grounds for viruses. While there are preventative measures each employee of a business can take such as thoroughly washing before eating and disinfecting personal areas this is not always enough.

Contact Us

If you’re in need of outbreak mitigation in Omaha or throughout the state of Nebraska please call us toll free at 877.823.6531. We are able to respond to emergency situations 24 hours a day, every day of the year.