Absolute Bio-Recovery Service is a BBB accredited business and received an Honor Roll Certificate for exemplary customer service. We have been recognized by local media for our commitment to serving the community. Click here to watch a recent story about a home cleanup / restoration broadcast on KETV in Omaha.

We all want to believe that when services are needed, the need will arise at or near home and that you will need/want to engage an organization with whom you have worked previously or one for whom a neighbor or friend can provide a reference. Unfortunately, life isn’t always so convenient. A few months ago, my mother-in-law fell ill in her home in Nebraska. She was admitted to the hospital and it was clear that she would never be able to return home again. So my wife and I, who live in California, faced the daunting task of finding someone to clean the house, empty it and make it ready for sale. And the work needed to be done quickly and we needed an organization with special skills.

Within 5 minutes of conducting an online search for cleaners in the Fremont area, I found Absolute Bio-Recovery Service (“ABRS”). There was enough information on the company’s web site to lead me to believe that this was the organization we needed. I called the company’s office and left a voice message. I received a return call in less than 20 minutes from Martie Law, the company owner. She apologized for not having been able to answer the phone when I called. Such an expression was unique in my experience!! We discussed our needs and the service capabilities of the company and its price structure/approach. Based on the discussion, I was convinced that this group could do the job. We agreed to meet 48 hours later at the site.

Ms. Law personally handled the site visit and took her time to thoroughly walk the premises, ask pertinent questions, offer suggestions, etc. ABRS also works with Habitat For Humanity and Goodwill which enabled them to propose a turn key service for emptying the house prior to cleaning. Within 48 hours of meeting, we had a quote for the service which we accepted and in less than 5 days the entire project had been completed. Not only did ABRS arrange for the handling of the household effects, they coordinated with the realtor on the cleaning and preparation of the house for sale and constantly kept us informed on the progress of the work. ABRS also worked with us on the payment arrangements. And all this was handled with us being in California!!

We found ABRS to be consummate professionals with the utmost of integrity. The ABRS team found $7.53 in coins while cleaning the house and insisted we take the money!!

I highly recommend ABRS to anyone requiring cleaning assistance, particularly in any unique situations. ABRS is stellar!!

Duane W. Bell

Dear Ms. Law, I would like to express my most sincere thanks for the recent clean-up you performed at my brother’s home. It was most difficult to lose my brother without any warning. Then the task of cleaning his apartment after the accident was simply too much to contemplate. When I called you, on a recommendation from a friend, I was immediately put at ease and began to feel a sense of enormous relief. Your understanding of my grief, your extremely rapid response and then your efficient and very thorough work on Tom’s apartment cannot be praised highly enough. You and your employees are sensitive and gentle in your dealings with those who are suffering sudden trauma. Your assurance that the site of the trauma will be completely cleaned and restored as fully as possible was 100% delivered. My family and I will always be extremely grateful for all you have done for us.

Judith W.

Thank you!! We love how clean you make our home look and feel when we get home from work!! 🙂

Thanks again for all your help during our time of sorrow. You are awesome!

Thanks so much for all your help. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


Thank You!! We are always so happy to come home on Friday because of the phenomenal cleaned house!!

Hi Martie!

First I want to say THANKS for everything! You and your entire team were miracle workers. Everyone was very professional and extremely nice! I am so thankful that you were part of bringing my house back from a place it should have never gone. I’m glad this nightmare has finally come to an end. 

Thanks again.

Martie and Staff,

On behalf of our entire family, just wanted to thank you for the excellent and thorough job you and your staff did on our father’s house. We were overwhelmed with distress when we first saw the condition of his house, and overwhelmed with gratitude when we saw it after you sorted and cleaned everything. I was so relieved after meeting you the first day I felt I could trust you with anything. You solved all our problems with that house by taking care of everything it needed. My stay here would have been so much more stressful if you weren’t there for me. I am so grateful for your compassion, work ethic, and going above and beyond. You are the best!!!

Thank you so much for all your work this summer! It was fantastic and so refreshing to come home to each Friday! Thanks!!
Dear Martie,

I just want to thank ABRS, Inc. for the rapid response to my call.

Dealing with a blood spill in the driveway of my home was too much for me to cope with. Your complete removal of all traces of this accident was both remarkable and deeply appreciated.


Todd A.