In 2005 there were over 250 meth labs discovered by law enforcement in the state of Nebraska, according to a report from local ABC affiliate KETV. Though this number has dropped in recent years, these labs remain a problem especially in rural areas like Cass County.

Meth lab producers have long targeted sparsely populated locations such as farms or abandoned properties to stay out of the eyesight of law enforcement, but in recent years they have begun to move into the city of Omaha as well. By moving into the city these makeshift facilities can be setup and taken down quickly. Typical targets include garages, mobile homes, and even hotels. This transition into more densely populated areas has allowed some law breakers to produce their product and get out quickly making them more difficult to track by police.

Meth Lab Remediation

If a meth lab has been discovered on your property, it’s strongly encouraged that the remediation is completed by an experienced organization. Many of the chemicals and products used in these labs are toxic and can be potentially life threatening if exposure to them is high. As a result of these dangers, ensuring the premises has been thoroughly cleaned before allowing people to return to the property is essential from health, safety, and legal perspectives.

Fortunately, Absolute Bio-Recovery Service technicians have the correct certifications combined with experience cleaning meth labs in a variety of environments. From serious fire damage to meth lab testing, ABRS can provide fast cleaning in addition to the peace of mind that your property truly is safe.

Testing Services

One of the key characteristics of meth labs is that they produce a distinct smell from the anhydrous ammonia used to produce the product. Anhydrous ammonia has what is commonly described as a “sharp” odor that can produce a burning sensation in the throat or eyes even at low levels of exposure. Another common attribute of properties with meth labs is occupants that store high-volumes of over-the-counter drugs like ephedrine. These medicines can be easy to acquire in small quantities and can be purchased at most department or drug stores.

If you believe a property has been used to produce methamphetamine, contact Absolute Bio-Recovery Service. We are able to conduct on-site audits that are quickly able to determine whether or not the illegal drug has been produced in residential, commercial, or industrial locations. These tests can provide home owners and property owners alike with peace of mind that their investment has not been compromised and current residents are safe.

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