Mold Water

Has your home or business experienced water damage as a result of flooding in the Omaha area? Has black mold begun to creep into a wet, musky basement? If so, Absolute Bio-Recovery Service has the resources to put your water problems to rest.

Is Mold, Mildew, or a Strange Odor Present In Your Home?

Mold is a type of fungus that can grow just about anywhere. The ideal place for this growth are places with high-humidity levels and damp environments. But mold and mildew can be much more than a simple nuisance as a property owner, it can become a serious potential liability and hazard for occupants. With over exposure tenants of a residence with mold may develop respiratory issues or other ailments like Asthma or heart problems that become more serious over time. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for individuals to be allergic to this growth.

If you own or manage property, here are some of the common warning signs you need to remain vigilant of:

  • Unusual Smells: If there’s a room in your home that smells musty or “old” this is a common sign.
  • Standing Water:  A flooded basement is an obvious example, but less obvious is a shower head that continues to drip water for long periods of time. Another problem area is the laundry room where liquid can seep behind washers and dryers out of the line of sight of property owners. Yet another danger zone is the hole that contains a sump pump. Often the surface area around these pumps will remain wet, making it prime real estate for fungi.
  • Green, black, or yellow tinted spots on walls is another indicator. Sometimes the color patches will creep out from tiny cracks in the wall so you should remain alert of these signals.
  • Common Sources of Standing Water: Leaky pipes, air ducts, curtains, air conditioners, tiles, leaking roofs, underneath sinks, nearby washers and dryers.

Call Absolute Bio-Recovery Service

If any of the warning signs outlined above describes your property, call ABRS at 877.823.6531. We have the resources on hand to identify whether or not you have a problem due to water damage, take action to provide the appropriate solution, and restore the premises to its previous state. But ABRS doesn’t stop there. We will also provide you with instruction on how things like mold and mildew can be prevented in the future.

Remember, mold is a natural occurrence, but it can be kept out of residential areas as long as low-humidity levels are maintained and water is not allowed to remain on counters, floors, tiles, and other locations long term.